Tech Solutions That Will Propel Your Business
Into 2023 and Guarantee Its Survival

  • When: Friday, September 30th, 2022
  • ​Where: New Covenant Fellowship Church
  • ​Address: 1913 Rogers Rd. Graham, NC 27253
  • Time: 8:30AM - 2:30PM
  • Price: FREE!
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Join Us In Person For a Fun Filled Day! Hear From Industry Experts So You Can Build A Secure, More Efficient And Productive Business That Will Last Through 2023

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What You Get When You Reserve Your Seat

This is a unique in-person experience unlike any other. We are going all out to bring you the best technology conference you have ever attended AND you get access to: 

  • All Access Pass to a Fun Filled "Back To The Future" Themed Tech Day!
  • ​Have Your Picture Taken With a DeLorean Time Traveling Machine!
  • Strategies to Retain Your Employees, Allow Them to Work From Home and More!
  • ​Hear From Industry Experts About the Recent Attacks on Local Businesses and How You Could Avoid Being Next.
  • ​Learn How to Implement Future Tech That is Here Now!
  • ​A Seat In The Room with Mr. X - Our Special Guest
  • ​Great Door Prizes!
  • ​Breaks, Snacks, and a Fantastic Lunch with Dessert!
IS your Business READY FOR the FUTURE?
Have You Ever Seen A Real Time Machine!?

On Sept. 30th you will get to take pictures with The DeLorean you remember and love!
 When are you going to have this opportunity again??
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Our Four Premium Sessions Include:

Mr. X - Our Special Guest

Convicted Evil Hacker Turned Good!
Now Protects Businesses

Mr. X is a computer security professional and reformed black hat hacker. After serving his debt to society for involvement in a major security breach with LulzSec (organized hacking group), Mr. X turned his skills and talents to helping protect businesses and organizations from other hackers.

He is currently a Security Advisor with a mission to secure 1,000,000 people.

An avid cybersecurity professional, he has a passion for educating users on information security, including speaking on numerous Cybersecurity topics and his time in the LulzSec.

Mr. X
Black Hat Hacker
Turned Good
Ethan Farlow

The New Hybrid Office

During this special session, Ethan Farlow Will Personally Walk You Through Everything To Consider If You Are Sending Staff Home To Work.

You’ll get everything you need. What to think about before you send your staff home, and how to keep them engaged and productive. Learn what to look for so you don't lose your culture and more. If you’re struggling to implement this
new "Hybrid Office" then this one session alone will be worth the day.

The Future Tech You Must Implement To Survive

Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. If you are not adopting new strategies, your business could be left behind. It is my job to share with you simple and affordable technology you can use right now to stay ahead of your competition.

During this session you’ll learn about new tech you can implement at your business, checklists for adopting these tools and more! The "office" has changed in the past couple years. Your tools, technology and strategy must change to stay competitive. 
Mike Farlow
Steve Floyd
Jennings Bryan-Chappell Insurance

Learn How NOT To Get Rejected By Your Insurance Company For Cyberinsurance

Rates are rising, policies renewals are being denied, and claims are being rejected.  Unfortunately, we are seeing this as the norm now. Cyberinsurance surveys are much more complicated than they were even last year. There are things you can do to protect yourself and lower your risk levels. Lower risk means lower rates and less chance of rejection! No one wants to make a claim, but even worse is being rejected for a claim.  Learn strategies to help ensure you are as risk free as possible. We will also touch on compliance since the two subjects are closely related. Get your questions answered by an expert.
"I Am Looking Forward To Attending Again This Year"
"CyberCon was enjoyable, informative and timely. We attended as did some of our clients. In each session I found myself jotting notes down to share with specific clients about the topics discussed. As I continued doing this I realized that everything that was being shared was pertinent to my clients. So much so, I asked Mike if he would share this information as a webinar to the Keystone client base. In both sessions, the information was warmly received. Thank you to Mike and the ComTech team!"
Scotia Saunders, Keystone Business Solutions
Agenda For The Day
"Can't Wait To See What They Have Planned!"
"CyberCon was very informative as well as entertaining! In today’s world, knowledge is gold when it comes to staying in front of cyber criminals. Mike and his staff put together an information packed program and made learning fun. "
Sheri debruler, graham housing authority

8:30AM - 9:00AM

The doors open and registration begins. During this time, grab some coffee and network with local business owners before the event starts. Visit Biff at his casino, spin the slot machine to win prizes. Be sure to get your picture with the DeLorean!


Our journey to the future begins! CyberCon kicks off with Doc Brown and Marty McFly. See future technology that is coming faster than you think! Prepare to have your mind blown!


The New Hybrid Office presented by Ethan Farlow. The "Office" as we know it has changed and your approach should be changing too.


Panel discussion with ComTech staff and working remotely. Q&A about real scenario's in a variety of businesses.


Cyberinsurance rates are rising fast. Renewals are being rejected. Compliancy is coming fast. Are you prepared?? These are all topics of serious concern. Failure to do your due diligence can literally put you out of business with a single incident. Let's make sure that doesn't happen. Attend this session to protect yourself.


Mike Farlow and Ethan Farlow take a deeper dive into data security and who really needs access to your data.


Lunch is served! Trivia will take place towards the end of lunch where you can win prizes for paying attention throughout the day! Your Back To The Future knowledge will also be tested!

1PM - MR. X

Mr. X - Our special guest will be interviewed by Mike Farlow. This will be a very interesting session where Mr. X will share about his time in jail, hacking experience, what he is doing now to protect clients, and more!


Mike Farlow delivers the keynote presentation of the day.  New tech is great but what can you implement right now?  You will walk away with actionable items and a checklist.  The goal is to make sure your business is not only up to date but also competitive for the upcoming year.


Quick wrap up to conclude the day. 

Watch Doc and Marty Travel To CyberCon!

Watch as Marty and Doc travel through time to get to CyberCon.

The DeLorean Has Broken Down!

See how Doc and Marty get the DeLorean running again on their road trip to CyberCon!

Marty Lost His Hoverboard!

Doc and Marty go back to 1985 to grab Marty's hoverboard. Will They run into Biff while there???

How Did Doc And Marty Get to 1885?

Doc and Marty end up in 1885 by accident. Can they escape in time for CyberCon?
Stay tuned for more videos!

The Top Frequently Asked Questions About CyberCon

#1: What is this event about?

CyberCon is a 1-day, in-person event where the ComTech team and special guest speakers share NEW technology ideas and strategies that will push your business to be more efficient, productive, secure and thrive through the next year. What started as just a client appreciation event, has transformed into an educational day filled with fun and a changing theme each year! 

CyberCon is ComTech's way of giving back and providing education that will help businesses across many industries stay on the cutting edge of technology. Many work hard to make this event different than any other "tech conference" you have ever attended. We know how boring those usually are. But, getting out of the office to come to CyberCon is different than any other event you will go to all year!  That's because the entire event is focused on one thing: Giving you actionable, valuable, highly relevant strategies, tools, tips and tricks for making your business work like a well-oiled lean mean machine when it comes to tech.

#2: Who should attend?

This is an in-person, 1-day EXPERIENCE like you've never seen before! You'll be there with 100+ attendees, many are business owners and office managers across many industries from around the triad. If you are a business owner, office manager or key influencer in your business, and want to be around others who are too -- then CyberCon is perfect for you. This is a true tech conference with some serious fun twisted in!

#3: Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely! If you know a business associate or owner/manager of another business, feel free to invite them. The content shared at CyberCon is relative to all businesses and industries. We guarantee you will enjoy yourselves and takeaway valuable, actionable items to implement in your business to propel you into 2023.
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